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. >>> a nonprofit in the east bay is hoping to provide a safer environment for children to play in east oakland, today, the group called east oakland community play date held their monthly event. kids and families had the opportunity to get a healthy breakfast, do arts and crafts and listen to live music, among other things. but organizers say their goal is to provide a better future in east oakland. >> we're not exactly sure how we'll help the next generation learn to change the statistics of gun violence and poor outcome for their livelihood without actuallyúgítting to know one another, and without faith to bond and form new relationships. >> just come out one saturday and check it out. you give the kids a chance to be kids if they can in their own neighborhoods. >> east oakland community play date is in the middle of a month-long on-line fundraiser to the crowd-pleasing website. you can search east oakland to find out more. >>> and the kid known as bat kid returned to the area today. miles scott kicked off the brave the bay 5 k run and triathlon in san francisco today. scott is a cancer su
and a lot more. >>> a nonprofit in the east bay is hoping to provide a safer environment for children to play in east oakland. today a group called east oakland community play date held an event. organizers say their ultimate goal is to provide a better future for kids growing up in east oakland. >> i would say to somebody who may see this, grab your neighborer's kids, whatever. come out one saturday and check it out. it's really big. >> east oakland community play date is in the middle of a month-long online fundraiser. you can go to and search east oakland to find out more. >>> the little boy who came to be known as bat kid returned to the bay area today. kicked off the brave the bay 5 k run in san francisco today. there he is. scott is a cancer survivor and the fundraiser benefits the make-a-wish foundation. last month you probably remember thousands of people in san francisco helped make his dream come true fighting crime as batman. >>> and back to our developing weather story. check out the time lapsed video that shows just how much snow built up overnight. this is
of environment" says this man. hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed, schools closed, residents urged to stay indoors and factories ordered to cut off production. ships forced to navigate cautiously through the haze. experts blame the cold windless weather for a cloud of pollution from cars, factories and coal burning that has sat over eastern china for most of the week, and there's been record-breaking levels in other cities, including beijing earlier this year. the government has announced many plans to fight the pollution but with little apparent progress. the dense smog in eastern china is starting to lift today but here in beijing it's starting to approach hazardous levels. the east and north of china are particularly vulnerable in winter, and we're really just getting into the coldest month. ian williams, nbc news, beijing. >>> when we come back, the latest test for lindsey vonn as she puts her sights on the olympics. >>> the scene today in alberta, canada, as lindsey vonn passed one more milestone on her way to the winter olympics in sochi, russia. vonn came in 11th in today's
environment, you know? and i got to find my way, essentially. >> going to ring it? >> one more thing to do, as he launched his brand new life. visit the grandparents in florida he feared he would never see again. >> so strange. it's been so long. >> and so we arranged this. >> oh, my god. >> how's it going? >> i love you. >> i love you, man. how have you been? >> i'm fine. good. >> hug mom. >> ryan. how have you been? >> it's been a long time. >> too long. >> and then the next morning the sun rose over the sea and ryan ferguson breathes in the ocean air, felt the world open around him, touched his feet to the warm sand and life began anew. >> to freedom and great family. >>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. >>> this sunday, the race to fix the president's health care plan takes on new urgency as a key deadline is reached. >> there are thousands of people every single day who are getting health care for the first time. and by the way, the website is continually working better, so check it out. >> but is it working as well as it should be? with president obama's pr
're part of 1% to the planet. 1% of all their sales goes to environment causes. that's a lot of money. >> sparkling wines, iron horse, ocean reserve. they partnered with national geographic and so $4 from every bottle goes to keeping our oceans healthy. and, ladies, these are for you. save a wino. right here. >> they're available at whole foods, right? >> $1 goes to protect animals. >> this has been my favorite segment in a long time. for two good reasons. you add in ray, three. wine, four and my good friend, hodie. thanks, everybody. >>> we'll be back with a special guest and more of "today" on nbc. >>> our toy drive has sent millions of children all over the united states gifts for a lot of great reasons. it may be the only gift they receive this holiday season. >> kimberly canary is with kay jewelers, who has been donating to tour toy drive for 14 years. >> and keshawn is a patient at children's hospital here with his mom. >> hi, everybody. >> thank you for your 14 years from kay jewelers. >> absolutely. it's our honor. like you, we are passionate about helping children. we are don
performance coming up right after this. ♪ >>> alaska is a very extreme environment. >> 30 foot seas, hurricane force winds. >> you go in, in really pad situations and we always pull it off. >> when you hit the water, game on. >> go on. >> on the water. go! >> my job is to save lives. >> a lot of the times the coast guard comes before the family. >> when he's out flying, i do pray. >> everything they throw at us. >> fall is finally here. >> and for every season there is a reason to watch. >> just right. >> all your local weather, travel updates and the day's top stories. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know, first thing. >> it is like a killer app in the morning. >> wake up with al with stephanie and al only on the weather channel. [ female announcer ] this is laura. laura's being healthy and chewing her multivitamin. with one-a-day vitacraves for women! it's a great-tasting gummy multivitamin designed for women with more calcium and vitamin d. it's gummies for grown-ups. get $2 off at you give them the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve yo
part to help out the environment. it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why were declaring it the unofficial official fruit of the holidays! the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ laughs ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to >>> all right. here we go. it's 8:12. we're back with what's trending today. >> we're going to start with a question. we'd like you to be honest. matt, al, carson, have you ever set foot inside a victoria's secret? just so you know, next time you're in there, employees love it when guys go in the store. >> why? >> for one thing, one worker is telling an insider this. male customers are really awkward and they feel uncomfortable. a, that's just amusing. and they get a kick out of it. also, because the guys feel so uncomfortable, they just want to spend money and get the heck out of there. women shop around. >> the pictures are larger than life. you're staring at them. >> you go straight to confession. >> it's confusing too. the sizes and the thing it's like letters and. >> colors and it's weird. i went in
up an environment where the kids feel safe and comfortable and they can bring ideas like this. we call it a hope and dream and christian is your made a hope and dream and we made it come a reality and we try to empower the students. it's through classroom philosophy. >> at other schools around the country, what is your dream of a buddy bench? >> that there will be a lot of friendships made and other kids will just have a friend to play with. >> wow. that is a great hope and a great dream to have and it looks like you are starting to process for kids across the country. nice to have you all with us. christian and allison bucks and principal matthew miller, thank you again. >> thank you so much, erica. >>> up next, would you ever bring your dog to acupuncture? maybe if fido is in pain? would you consider it? we will let [ laughter ] [ grunts ] kids today. everything needs a battery. oh, hank. merry christmas. oh! hold on now. kay jewelers? looks like we got us a young man here. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. hundreds of charms hand-crafted in i
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've ever seen in a laboratory environment. >> you're claiming that in all of these cases the gas can did not explode? >> what i'm saying is we haven't seen a case where that has been demonstrated. >> reporter: he also argues that many incidents involve consumers misusing the can. like pouring gasoline on a fire or into a warm engine as melvin did. some scientists argue that adding a screen or match called the flame arrester can make cans safer by keeping the flame from entering the can as this demonstration shows. some metal safety cans have them and so does this charcoal lighter fluid and bottles of lumbar. >> why does the industry not put flame arresters on the portable gas cans? >> well, the industry is studying the issue intently. >> reporter: the industry has been studying the issue for six years and says it will make the change when it's sure it will make the cans safer. meanwhile, many of those burned had their lives changed before. bill has plenty of scars you don't see. he no longer views what happened to him as an accident. >> it was going to happen to somebody and the thing ab
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Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11